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6 Ways To Stop A Bully

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I can tell you from experience that being bullied is one of the hardest things to deal with. You already get tons of homework, pressure from your parents, and have to look cute every day at school to crowds of people that seem to watch your every move (get a life, people). And on top of that, you have to deal with a bully. Brutal!

Here are some tricks you can use that will help you overcome this bully and ones like it.

Above all, you need to understand that this will not last forever. There is life outside these walls. You are a beautiful boss babe and will go on to be something far greater than this freak who bullies you.

I remember grade 7 and 8 were pretty bad for me…and I was in the popular crowd. These people that bully you rarely turn out to be anything in life so at least you will have that satisfaction later. I am not even joking.

Anyways, let me know what you think in the comments below. Or share tips, we need to stick together!

United Front:

Group together. Bullys for some reason like to zero in on one person and basically focus all their energy in hurting that one particular person. Why that particular person? That’s beyond most people’s thoughts but it’s left with you saying “Why me?”

But seriously, Imagine if all efforts in your life were to hurt people’s feelings and emotionally break down people around you. Like, how crazy is that?! What is wrong with you. It’s not you, it’s them.

Stick with your friends and travel in groups. The more people around, the less the bully can get to you. Having a bigger group brings more power on your side, and best of all, you get to stick up for each other and tell one another your worries.

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Ignore The Bully:

Literally, all they want is to upset you. Try to completely ignore what they say and do not show emotion to show what they said hurt your feelings. I know. Easier said than done. The girls in my class used to pass notes to each other, look at it, then look at me and laugh. Like, that’s your life? Am I that important that you need to talk about me and make it obvious? One time they put small crushed candies in my sandwich when I got up to get a drink. It all seems so silly now but man it hurt when I was in it. Remember that no matter how they MAKE YOU FEEL… You are better than that. You are not the small insignificant person they are trying to make you. You are a goddamn queen!

You’re Not A Bully:

I know you may want to get revenge or bully back but don’t stoop to their level. You’re better than that. Things I liked to say when the bully used to mock me. “I don’t even think of you…” I love this line because it tells them how insignificant they are.

“Ohhh…did I hurt your feelings??” … “No, I literally don’t even think of you.” And then walk away like the boss you are.

Snitches Are Not B*%$#es:

I know it’s hard. I never could tell my mom, I just lived through it and it sucked. The closest I got was when I faked sick one day after I cried in the bathroom. The girls came in after me and kept asking what was wrong.

They knew what was wrong.

They had done it.

And now they were mocking me.

They were almost giddy with how they had made me feel. I look back now at the girls that had once stood in front of me. But I have let it go, I never wanted to carry that negative energy in my current life.

You may not want to tell your mom or dad but there are other options. Tell your teacher, guidance counselor, tell a friends mom, tell your older sister. Just tell someone. And if they don’t help you, tell someone else.

Physical Bullying:

This is a big one. If this bully is touching you in any way or causing you physical harm, please tell a teacher or parent. Don’t be afraid to tell someone. If they are hurting you, it will get worse. It will not get better. And it is NOT OK for them to hurt you.

Social Disaster:

You have it really hard now a day. When or if you tell your mom or an adult, they may not be able to fully understand how difficult it is to be cyber bullied. They never had to deal with it but most schools have taught parents a thing or two in after school classes they provide.

I know it can be scary but talk to someone about what’s happening, even for them just to listen. I know you have this underlying fear that if you tell, your bully will find out and bully you even more. But chances are, if they bully you, they are bullying others. Stick together and remember there is so much more beyond these school walls. You have more to offer than you may know.

You are strong.

You are brave.

You are a queen.

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